Top 10 Best Fitness Tracker

Here at MyFitnessPal, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative fitness tech solutions that help us stay on track towards our goals. As such, we have put together this guide of what is currently out there, in hopes to inform you all about some of the best fitness tracker products out there. We have included information such as: What is it used for? How much does it cost? Is it safe or not? Do these devices work with a mobile phone plan? Lastly, do any brands make good health products? So without further ado, let’s jump straight into our list of top ten fitness tracker products!

As such, here’s what each watch has in store. Without further ado, let’s dive right in to take a look:

1. Fitbit Inspire 2 Series – $129.99 The classic fitbit goes through an update which includes wireless connectivity from day one. You are now able to manage your sleep schedule and even choose between five different heart rate zones (Highlighted Yellow), among many other features via iOS.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch S3 Smartwatch 3D Touchscreen Wearable Exercise Band – $230 The smartwatch comes with Bluetooth capabilities so you can connect to up to six compatible apps for easy tracking and management. This device also supports Apple Pay and Google Pay and allows users to monitor their workouts with no battery drain or charging issues. In terms of functionality, this product is comparable to its predecessor and therefore, for most individuals, will be able to keep up with their daily activities from their phones. However, if the user has had trouble using the older version, they can purchase a newer model such as the Inspire 3 or Ionic 4. This product may still give them more flexibility to use certain applications, however.

3. Garmin Vivofit Flex 3 Exercise Bike Digital Health & Fitness Monitor – $149.99 With almost every aspect of exercise tracking covered by this product, including activity levels, calories burned per week and more, this could offer the benefit of having an easier time logging all of these points onto their smartphone or laptop. Furthermore, since it comes with wireless connectivity and includes GPS support, the only real downside of this piece of equipment would be the lack of additional features such as a thermometer. It seems like Garmin has really taken advantage the fact that you can easily download the application onto your phone for quick access to the metrics of this wearable. Nonetheless, the overall quality of this company’s products are quite respectable and they certainly look sleek and modern.

4. Polar Electrocardiogram – $100 The main feature of this piece of technology is that it comes with the ability to measure electrocardiography (ECG) on demand. Moreover, when measuring both resting & beating heart rates, this wearable will log these measurements on to a mobile app which requires little to no programming. While these metrics can be recorded as needed, it feels like just another tool that can help enhance your life and provide your heart with proper rest. Still, depending on how extensive one’s lifestyle is, if they want to track multiple parameters or count macros, this device might become somewhat complicated. Nevertheless, after trying this piece of technology, the price tag makes up for itself. Overall, though, it doesn’t feel completely useless to anyone considering their goal.

5. Metabo Health Smart Band 5-Day Battery Life Activity Trackers – $200 These watches may come along with basic health features, but this device actually comes with several extra advantages. For example, while taking notes is possible through the buttons on the back of this product, it also provides the option to record data in three-dimensions. Additionally, because this wearable offers Bluetooth compatibility, the owner of this product can directly link their phone or computer to the remote to ensure that their data stays updated. The biggest drawback of this item would be the lack of advanced features such as built-in sensors that can indicate your body temperature or alert one if their heart is racing. To solve this problem, companies such as Mecto can help the wearer to calculate their own basal metabolic rate. In essence, this way of monitoring their health can be done remotely or the user can simply pay attention to their heart-rate fluctuations. Ultimately, this product can be considered an excellent step towards keeping oneself safe and healthy.

6. Heart Rate Monitor Workpiece Portable Blood Glucose Meter – $99 This device can count carbs, sugar, sodium, and fat. All of these metrics can be viewed in order on the dashboard, making this device super convenient to track. By connecting with two dedicated digital sticks, the user will find it easy to count carbohydrate intake and fats. Finally, this gadget is equipped with an infrared sensor that helps gauge blood glucose levels, allowing users to better understand their diet. On the positive side, this particular device is relatively inexpensive, even compared with similar alternatives. Additionally, although it does not feature built-in sensors, one could potentially create a DIY version for the following things; water consumption, fruit intake, protein intake, or overall calorie maintenance. However, before purchasing this item, it is essential to consider whether they are interested in getting a brand new wearable or a refurbished replacement that will perform effectively. In addition, this device can only be used with Android devices so it may be necessary to find a portable version as well. Overall, this device could be beneficial in providing the user with a holistic view of their health, thereby aiding in decision-making.

7. Connected Body Scale System – $49.99 If weight loss is the primary reason why you want this product, then you should look elsewhere for your motivation. A scale with a digital display will only tell the user the number of pounds lost, but it will never tell the user how much food they consumed. Therefore, this gadget offers something unique in that sense. Users have the convenience of being able to see how well they are doing based on their current weight and the current body mass index (BMI). Thus, the user is able to adjust their eating habits accordingly, making the process much easier than it would be otherwise. Along with gaining a lot of insight into their efforts, losing weight can become much simpler by knowing that the amount of calories they consumed during the process was accurate. Additionally, the use of this scale can be helpful because it can be connected to a personal desktop on virtually any Internet service provider. Ultimately, people who suffer from diabetes or other medical conditions will benefit greatly from this product.

8. Sense App Connected Home Monitoring Device – $99 According to research by Harvard Medical School, around 35% of the United States population are at risk of developing the health condition known as Type 1 Diabetes. That is enough reason why people should start paying close attention to their everyday activities. Luckily, the introduction of the Sense Connected app makes it simple for the wearer to get proactive about their healthcare. Using the app, users will notice how much insulin they are consuming, the type of foods they eat, and how often they exercise. Once this habit is established, the individual can use their senses to determine which aspects of their lives need improvement. For example, by looking into their blood glucose reading, they will know which foods are causing their sugar levels to rise and which can be replaced with healthier ones. Eventually, by viewing their pulse rate, they will gain further knowledge regarding how stressed they are, thus ensuring that their overall health remains stable for long periods of time. Additionally, this device can help prevent heart disease, cancer, hypertension and more. Overall, this device can be considered extremely useful because it helps improve the awareness of one’s well-being.

9. Sleep Number Clock Pro – $129.99 Because many people struggle with sticking to a routine and maintaining healthy habits, finding a reliable fitness tracker can be difficult. One way to overcome this issue would be to invest in a high-quality fitness tracker that offers advanced features that can keep up with their normal routines and keep themselves accountable. Fortunately, Sleep Number is one of the few options on this list that provides such features. Aside from those perks, they also give the person who owns the product the chance to set alarms that will remind them when their bedtime time arrives. As far as durability and comfort go, this particular sleep tracker will last for years. It is made out of durable silicone that can easily be washed, as well as stainless steel and rubber for additional protection. When purchasing this product, it is important to note that some variations may be expensive and not necessarily worth it to the average consumer. Although, some individuals may prefer to buy this product due to its affordability and overall design. Still, despite how affordable this particular wearable can be, it still has numerous benefits that people won’t be able to pass up.

10. Calibre 835P Smart Cardio Trainer – $199 The ultimate strength and conditioning device, the calibre 835P takes on a variety of ways for its user to achieve optimal results. First and foremost, the manufacturer claims that its gear can support cardio training up to 50-60 minutes (2-4 times an hour) before needing to recharge its batteries. Its patented belt design is meant to be comfortable and allows the user to comfortably wear the device. Also, thanks to various sensors located throughout the system, it is very easy for the user to assess their physical needs when working out and then adapt accordingly. On paper, it seems like it would be impossible for anyone to complete an entire workout on this thing, but it could possibly prove true if the user gets used to it for months. The great thing about this brand is that they are constantly innovating by adding new features to their product. Due to this innovation and continuous development, the calibre 835P has been upgraded over the years to include other features that allow the wearer to achieve maximum performance. Regardless of how the device works, one is bound to