10 of the Best Home Gym Equipment Items

Home gyms are a big deal for those who have limited space or prefer doing their home workouts at an affordable price point. However, making your own gym isn’t always easy, especially if you’re on a budget. Thankfully there are plenty of options when it comes to home gyms that offer everything from treadmills and rowers to trimmers and ab machines.

In this article we will be discussing some great products that can easily transform your living room into a home gym. Whether you have no money for new equipment or you simply want to upgrade to something better than what you already have, here is our list of the best indoor bikes available right now. Remember, the perfect treadmill should work with all kinds of surfaces and not just hardwood or stone, so be sure to check out these recommendations as well for that perfect balance.

10 best bike and rowing machines for beginners

The top ten picks for the most impressive bikes and exercise machines are listed below. This selection covers the different types of machines, whether they fit all sizes or require certain modifications, and how much space they take up. As such, we haven’t included every product, but we’ve chosen ten products that represent the diversity of choices in terms of style, durability, size, weight, and price.

(Note: One more thing – keep in mind that not every product will look exactly like one of these – not even close!)

Best Bike & Exercise Machines Overall (Dedicated) $500+ Pros Built-in stability system

Dual resistance feature

Variable speed control Cons Expensive

Limited cycling patterns

Doesn’t come with attachments

High prices

We tested three models in total, including one from Bike+, another from Fitness 3 with its adjustable rubber grip handles and pedals, and lastly one from MTS by Panasonic. All three are fairly large devices which can fit comfortably in any kind of space. In fact Bikes+ has five wheels per unit, while Fitness3 offers four and MTS two and four. They also vary greatly in size, ranging from only 6 inches in length to 5 foot 7 inches. With each additional wheel, you’ll get additional features and accessories, so make sure your machine is comfortable to carry around. To ensure that these units perform perfectly, it’s recommended to have them serviced annually for free.

(Note: For simplicity this article uses “biking” instead of fitness.)

Bike+ Black Touring Bike ($650+) Pros Very attractive appearance

Large 4×4 tires

Great stability feature Cons No cable management

No external display

Limited accessory options

No automatic off, on buttons

No built-in battery capacity

The Bike+ Touring Bike would definitely make it on our list for being the best overall. It’s made of durable plastic, boasts an impressive motor and electronic gears, and comes with advanced safety features. It doesn’t skimp on looks – its sturdy frame and lightweight aluminum construction feels great. Plus, its wide range of tire sizes, a spacious 20″ front saddle, and a long reach handlebar ensures the device will support a lot of weight for even longer distances. What’s more, Bike+ is equipped with multiple modes and settings to help customize your routine according to your needs. And if all this wasn’t enough, it boasts an advanced dual circuit stabilizer and powerful LED light for extra comfort. On top of all this, it is compatible with other popular brands; you can adjust the speed, incline, and assist ratio if needed. At only a little over $700, the Bike+ Touring Bike is still relatively affordable compared to many similar offerings out there in general and beyond riding. Read on to learn all about the Bike+ Touring Bike. How To Use? Easy setup Once you’ve assembled the hardware set up on the inside, connect the monitor cord from underneath the seatpost, tighten the lug nuts, attach the power cord to the back of the machine, and then sit down. Take note that all the cables should go through the same hole in the case and make sure not to put anything between the back of your computer and the back of the unit. Now that you’re ready, just start pedaling! If you experience any troubles with the bicycle, be sure to contact Bike+ Support (1-855-968-6200) to confirm the problem and receive instructions on how to solve it. Best Value / Affordable Options Best Budget Option $100+ Pros Great ergonomics & versatility

Lots of customization options

Great value for money Cons Relatively small screen

No convenient display

No auto-off/on function

The Wahoo Pro X-TR1 Bike is one of the most versatile and easy-to-use stationary bikes out there. Not only does it come with tons of unique color combinations that can enhance the user’s workout experience, but it also has multiple configurations and upgrades to add more functionality and features. Starting with the entry level model, you can easily upgrade to include several functions without spending too much time or money. You could, for example, opt for the upgraded suspension fork on top of the older design. Aside from that, the main components include a 1′ cable drive system and a variable speed control unit that allows customization on both speed and incline settings. You also get various mounting options, allowing you to attach almost anything with ease. The bottom line is that this machine is incredibly versatile and easy to use. While it might not be cheap, it holds its value up against its lower prices. Check Price Online Best Stable Option $500+ Pros Plenty of customizations

Excellent quality build

Variety of styles Cons Difficult to mount

Not customizable

The Rowing Machine By Workout Systems is ideal for those looking for a very stable yet flexible solution that won’t break the bank. Like other Workout systems, the brand offers a variety of designs and accessories, although the most common option is called Sport. For a starter package, you’ll receive the base version plus nine accessories, including a kettlebell swing trainer, adjustable bench, and foam roller. The kit contains everything you need to practice your rowing and includes access to six games of game-winning practice video clips. Moreover, you can even earn rewards points by completing challenging training sessions. So, if you don’t want to rely solely on your smartphone to complete your routines, this is the perfect option for you. We found it extremely versatile and effective in terms of increasing your strength. Why it got my vote: Well-designed, functional but easy-to-use, and highly flexible. The Good It is compact, weighing up to 12 pounds, the low weight helps minimize discomfort for the trunk.

It comes with prebuilt and removable tools Cons The stand does not have a soft return mechanism so users would need to use gloves or padded clothes on top of things

It comes with only black colored bands. Excellent Quality It’s a solid unit that performs well, with an updated design, great storage options, and an excellent ergonomics system. Some may think that the only thing worth noting is the cost since you can purchase cheaper versions elsewhere, but as good as the units are, they are not the cheapest. The company claims that customers who purchase their kits for less than $1,000 would see savings of 25% in parts, labor and materials. But if you buy a second edition kit with upgrades, you can save up to 50%. Additionally, if you are willing to spend more on the original set, you can save up to 60%. Another reason why I chose this model over others: Aesthetics It comes with lots of colors and is designed in beautiful wood tones

It’s durable and strong

It has a nice, modern appearance

It has thick, flexible grips Cons Can be uncomfortable for children who ride on it for extended periods while standing

It may be difficult to assemble since it’s quite heavy

The PWR Vibe HD-03R is among the best elliptical training machines currently available. The design of the unit takes inspiration from traditional Chinese medicine whereby it integrates movement meditation principles at different levels. From the upper body which involves stretching and lengthening the spine, to chest and core, which involve lowering breathing and deep breathing exercises, to legs, which focus on improving flexibility, it’s basically a full-body workout in itself. And because it is also fitted with a special anti-shock motion sensor, it ensures a gentle, balanced workout. Even though its size is smaller than some competitors, it can hold up to 48 pounds and is able to lift upwards of 100 lbs. It also comes with a USB port which means that you can plug the unit straight into your laptop through the USB cable. Also, its digital display offers a smooth scrolling experience. Unlike some other elliptical units, this unit comes in dark gray, silver, blue, pink, green, orange, red, white, and gold colors. There are also matching clothing pieces so that the unit can be used as well as stored away. And if you’re wondering what else should you need from equipment, remember this – the keypad is designed to adjust and move in response to your body movements as well as improve overall performance. Its programmable buttons allow for precise adjustments and switching between hundreds of different programs. Although not all people are interested in exercising in the traditional sense, and maybe not even using a regular running machine for cardiovascular health purposes, this certainly makes a difference. Especially if you�



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